Go!Explore GPS package released on the Sony PSP

Posted on 17. Sep, 2007 by in Accessories, News, Sat-nav & GPS


Sony have announced the release of a new satellite navigation add-on for the PSP,  following a collaboration between Sony and satellite navigation leaders Teleatlas and NavNGo to bring a quality in-car and pedestrian GPS solution to the PSP. Indeed, Teleatlas are the major suppliers of mapping data to all of the top brand satellite navigation sytems manufacturers, including TomTom, Garmin, Navman, plus most others you care to think of.

Under the name of Go!Explore, the package incorporates a GPS receiver and free PSP specific GPS software software along with chosen maps supplied on Sony’s proprietary UMD (Universal Media Disc) format. Including the capacity to use 3D city maps and 3D landmarks in key cities, the GPS package promises to be a unique experience for the sat nav enthusiast.

The move to release the GPS package may follow the continuing trend for declining sales of the PSP, and could represent Sony’s ongoing attempts to resurrect the popularity of the device. With previous releases such as the Go!Cam digital camera and video conferencing through Go!Messenger, Sony is clearly making attempts to increase the appeal of the device by providing increased functionality.

Due for European release in Febuary 2008, the Go!Explore package is currently retails in Japan at $60, though no price details for the UK release have been named as of yet.

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