TomTom Navigator 6 – Compatible devices

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Straight from the mouth of TomTom themselves I have a full compatibility list of devices that will work with the TomTom Navigator 6. Not a very interesting post I know, but thought some people out there would appreciate it. They haven’t given me an answer yet on whether one license key will activate your phone and PDA, but say they will get back to me. There are some incompatibilities that I can’t explain, so if anyone knows of others to add, let me know and I’ll post them here. Anyway, here we go:

Compatible with the software on its own, or the full package:

  • Acer: n310, n311, N50
  • Dell: Axim X51, Axim X51V
  • Eten: M600
  • Fujitsu Siemens: Pocket LOOX 720
  • HP: H4150, H4350, HX2190, HX2490, iPAQ RW6815
  • iMate: JAM, Jamin, PDA2K
  • O2: XDA Exec
  • Orange: SPV M1000, SPV M2000, SPV M3000
  • Palm: Treo 650, Treo 700P, Treo 700W
  • Qtek: 9000, 9100, S100, S110, S200
  • T-Mobile: MDA Compact, MDA Compact II, MDA III, MDA Pro, MDA Vario
  • Nokia: E61, E70, N73, N80
  • HTC: P6300
  • T-mobile MDA compact, MDA III and MDA Pro

Compatible with the software on its own but NOT the package
NB. A lot of these already have GPS receivers built in so don’t need the full package

  • Acer N35
  • Asus MyPal A632N, A636N
  • Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N520
  • HP iPAQ – hw6510, hw6515, hw6910, hw6915
  • i-Mate PDA-N
  • Mio 168, A201, A701, P350
  • Nokia E50
  • Qtek G100

Compatible withthe full package but NOT software on its own:
For this lot I have no explanation – anyone?

  • Eten G500
  • Palm Treo 700P
  • Qtek 9100
  • Wtek S200
  • T-Mobile MDA Compact II, MDA Vario

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  1. SteveMorton

    21. Sep, 2006

    Do we know if TonTom 6 will work with the older HP iPAQ’s such as my own H5550 along with a bluetooth gps? I use the old TomTom Routeplanner software which was cheap… I think I must have bought the last copy because it disappeared off the site before the package arrived!


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  2. Don

    25. Dec, 2006

    Ihave a HP 2190 and have tried many tines to load tomtom 3 into it but the progran refuses to father than the first setup and then displays a fault and stops loading. Can you help with this problem as it was a gift from my daughter and i don’t want to be disappointed.
    thank you Don

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  3. Mark

    25. Jan, 2007


    I have an Compaq Ipaq3950 PDA and was wondering about tom tom Navigator 6 being compatible with it.

    How do I check to see if I can use this software.

    Many Thanks


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  4. tony

    08. Feb, 2007

    Hi’ya can you help me i’ve got a palm lifedrive and want to run tom tom navigator 6 on it but its not list on tom tom’s website as compatible, but navigator 5 does work on the palm lifedrive but is not listed as compatible either, do you know if navigator does work on it?

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  5. Edison

    05. Mar, 2007

    I have Dell x51v pda and would like to fit tom tom Navigator6 software on it. can someone tell me if its compartable and do I need to buy a receiver also.
    Or is a garmin one better,

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