I am Legend

I am Legend

Posted on 09. Apr, 2010 by in HTC, News, Reviews, Smartphones

HTC has added a couple of new recruits to its ever growing Android army, one being the  HTC Legend. As the fifth Android device that HTC has released on these shores, does it offer anything more than existing Androids in rank and file?  Plus, I’m curious as to whether it’ll bring anything more to the party other than the fabulous name.

On the surface the Legend is very HTC.  Sleek, ergonomic, minimal – almost so pretty that you don’t want to touch it for fear of leaving fingermarks (or is that just me?).  Look a little deeper though and it’s clear that this particular ‘droid has come dressed and ready for battle.

Wrapped in a Full Metal Jacket the Legend is a shiny, metal work of art.  At 112mm tall, the brushed metal body gently curves at the bottom to follow the contours of the face and is cushioned on the back rear and top by contrasting black soft touch pads.  It looks, well, awesome, but as your mother always said, it’s whats on the inside that counts.

Maybe I’m just picky but there’s always been at least one thing on every phone I’ve had that I wished I could change but couldn’t.  That’s certainly not a problem with the Legend.  Featuring Android 2.1, it’s fully customisable to your taste but  HTC has also added an expanded selection of widgets, plus access to an online widget library to take the customisation to a  whole new level. The 600mhz processor and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g means that everything runs at break neck speed and the 3.2″ pinch-to-zoom AMOLED display gives you faster access to multiple screens whilst giving you the startling clarity that HTC phones are famous for.  Internal GPS receiver, 5mp camera, Bluetooth, email facilities all of the standard features you’d expect on a smartphone are all present and correct, but what sets the Legend apart from its brethren?  People!

Social Networking is BIG! on this phone.  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, youtube the list is endless plus everyone’s doing it.  Your gran probably even tweets every now and then and on smartphones it can be difficult, to say the least, to manage all of your pressing online social engagements.  That’s where the Legend comes into its own.  The People Widget on the Legend allows you to organise your contacts into groups which, in addition to the ‘call, sms, email’ functions, displays their social networking updates.   Friend Stream takes that one step further and simplifies all of your various network interactions into one single, easy to follow stream and any thoughts, feelings or pictures you care to share will be broadcast directly from your Legend to both Facebook and Twitter alike.  HTC Peep will also give you the full functionality of Twitter directly to your handset.  Now yes, life isn’t all fun and games and on occasion you do have to work but the Legend has that covered too.  With enhanced Exchange security, your work emails will be safe and secure (if you can find time to read them away from all twittering).  You can also download and access your company’s full global address list and set your Out of Office direct from the phone.

The Legend is without a doubt perfect for today’s Facebook generation but will it stand the test of time and become a true Legend?  That, my friends, is entirely up to you.

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  1. Richard

    09. Apr, 2010

    I’m a big fan of HTC! They constantly create great looking phones with top end specs, but they do walk the line when naming their devices.

    I believe this phone will be awesome, but it’s got a lot to prove before becoming a true mobile phone legend.

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