Winning World Cup offers

Winning World Cup offers

Posted on 11. Jun, 2010 by in HTC, Motorola, Navman

Unless you’ve been living in a hole in the ground or are currently in a coma (in which case, kudos for still being able to read this), you’ll know that today is the opening ceremony of the World Cup and even though Scotland somewhat surprisingly didn’t qualify to play with the big boys, the TotalPDA team are still super excited.  Like most places we’ve had a whole host of World Cup activities to keep us amused and get us all in the spirit for the month to come.  I would appreciate some support from you all for South Africa to win, I get my grubby paws on the sweepstake money if they do.

To kick things off in true World Cup fashion though, a few of our boys took part in a pre World Cup qualifier of their own.  Led by our illustrious Sales Directer, Mr Chris Hunter, a few fierce members of our sales team headed down to the Riverside stadium in Middlesborough where they faced off against suppliers and customers allike in the hope of redeeming Scotland’s tragic World Cup shame.  And showing off their mad skills a little bit.

Like every good World Cup game, there were tears, triumphs and some broken bones (say goodbye to those knee ligaments Tony) but a good time was had by all, some new friendships were made and most importantly the team our boys were on won!  A big thank you to Tony, Chris and George, for salvaging some Scottish pride.  A broken knee is worth it right?

That singular win may be as close to the World Cup as Scotland got so the hopes of the British nation now lay firmly with England and to help support them we’ve put together some fantastic World Cup deals.

For those of you stuck chauffeuring the family this summer, fret not.  You don’t have to miss a single minute of the World Cup while trapped in shopping hell.  The Navman Spirit V505 is a fully functional satnav with UK and Ireland maps,  safety cameras, Lane guidance, spoken instructions etc.

And how does that help you with the World Cup I hear you say?  Well, the kicker is that the V505 features fully integrated Freeview Digital TV with an automatic tuner, volume control, brightness and contrast controls AND a 4.7″ touchscreen to view the games in all their glory.  So, even if you’re stuck in the B&Q car park or picking the kids up from Grandma’s you can still catch every moment.

If you’re looking for something a little more quirky, then we’ve got a range of smartphones partnered with some super funky World Cup cases for your delectation at a range of prices to suit every pocket.

The World Cup promotion features special offers from HTC, Motorola and Proporta, check them out before they’re gone.

So make sure you catch the action unfolding, save yourself some money and please, have a truly excellent World Cup wherever you may be watching it.  Even if it is a hole in the ground or a hospital bed.

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