ZTE Racer – bit slow on the pitch

ZTE Racer – bit slow on the pitch

Posted on 19. Aug, 2010 by in Android, Smartphones, ZTE

So,  you can always tell when summer comes.  Smell of fresh cut grass, sunshine into the evening and a work experience kid in your office.  We lucked out this year and got the fabulous Robin who has taken on the task of reviewing the ZTE Racer for us.  An android phone for under a ton?  Really?

Robin over to you.

This is a gizmo that can really grab your attention with its sensible pricing compared to most of the high end smartphones, coming in at £99.99-pay as you go.

The pricing of the phone doesn’t seem to be a barrier to reach customers, and its design is appealing aswell, with its simply solid look, and an attractive 2.8 inch colour screen.

Nevertheless, the feel of the ZTE Racer is disappointing with a bit of flimsy feel – the screen seems too flexible for any real purpose and you might expect more sensitivity from a phone with this screen, but the reactivity to the users touch is lazy and can really irritate someone who’s desperate to tell Mum to pick him up or to tell his friends that that girl he likes said yes.  This leaves the name of the phone, Racer, to seem a bit of ironic.

Returning to the bright side of this phone, the Racer does run on a sophisticated Android éclair software, which seems to get the necks turning from the gurus of smartphones, however some users may find it tricky to pick it up on first try.

The true appeal of the phone can never be sensed by just reading the specs on paper, for example the widget menu can bring a rush of excitement at first with the smooth flow of icons flying across the screen, although this is a buzz at first, it’s a pain later as you pick the wrong icons because of its lazy sensitivity.

On the other hand, this phone can be personalised with your own widgets for apps on the front screen to throw around, either coming with the phone, or downloaded after purchase.

The ZTE Racer is a phone buzzing with joy, at an affordable price, even though it has its minor faults, the mobile can reach a higher expectation than most users would expect at a hundred quid.

True then, an android handset for under £100 from Chinese telecomms giants and even though there appears to be some sluggish aspects to this handset it’s a bit of a winner with our Robin.  This is probably exactly what ZTE are hoping to hear as the under Twenties are the ideal demographic for the Racer.  Demanding full social networking capabilities, easy customisation and something that doesn’t look like their Gran made it during the war, the tween/teen twilight generation know what they want and the ZTE Racer meets this head on.  More importantly, your need to not remortgage the family home in order to buy your kid a phone is definitely met.  In the race for parent’s choice handset the ZTE Racer is streaks ahead.

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