New additions to the HTC family – UPDATED!!

New additions to the HTC family – UPDATED!!

Posted on 15. Sep, 2010 by in HTC

and they look fierce.

Revealed within the last couple of hours at the much anticipated London launch event, the new Android additions are siblings of the much acclaimed HTC Desire and they are………

The HTC Desire HD

It’s been round the rumour mill and back again but finally confirmed today is the HTC Desire HD.  In the words of HTC you can expect “the best of what we’ve done packaged into one device” and judging by the looks of it that’s an honest claim to make.  Featuring an aluminium body, the HTC Desire HD has an 8MP camera which can shoot in 720p – we’ll bet it looks stunning on the 4.3″ display.  And what goes in hand in hand with HD media?  That’s right, Dolby Digital sound! which will feature on the HTC Desire HD as Dolby Mobile and SRS surround sound.  There are a whole host of features that make the HTC Desire HD a true force to be reckoned with like a 12 second bootup time, a 1GHz processor and the new and improved HTC Sense.  More to come on this puppy later.

The HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z is, well, it’s just strange.  But strange is good.  Strange is GREAT!  It’s a 3.7 inch screen having, 720p HD recording, 5MP camera flashing, 800MHz processor powering, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toting, aluminium wearing, double jointed dream of a Desire.  Foregoing the standard slider approach HTC have rocked out a double hinged affair which flips the screen up and out to reveal a thumb friendly Qwerty keyboard.  The images look insane and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one.  Wonder how long it takes me to break it?

More info, specs, pictures etc to follow shortly but for now, have yourself a little drool over this.

The New HTC handsets are available for pre-order now!!  The Desire HD will be available from the 4th October with the Desire Z following on later in the month.  Pre-order yours now so you don’t miss the yummy, shiny, HD goodness

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4 Responses to “New additions to the HTC family – UPDATED!!”

  1. Joanna

    15. Sep, 2010

    Wow…now if that Desire Z gets released in a mini version, well, I think I’ll have found my phone utopia. They look brilliant – HTC seems to have got the right mix on the spec too.

    Not too sure how sturdy the pop-out hinge will be though – let’s hope it won’t cause any controversial ‘hingey-gate’ scandal for HTC…

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  2. El Redondo

    15. Sep, 2010

    Desire HD…. WANT WANT WANT!

    Good to see HTC pushing the boundaries once more and denting a certain company with a picture of a half eaten fruit’s market share!

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    • Darth

      15. Sep, 2010

      You won’t have long to wait, since HTC aren’t dragging their heals and are releasing both smartphones next month.

      The Desire HD is my smartphone of choice too, but its hard not to be a bit concerned about the battery life.

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  3. Pan Bankowy

    21. Sep, 2010

    I can’t wait for the Desire Z to come to the Poland!

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