Sort out your Father’s Christmas!

Sort out your Father’s Christmas!

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No one wants to see this face at Christmas but lets be honest, if you’d had year upon year of soap-on-a-rope, socks, too big sweaters and smelly stuff gift sets wouldn’t you be a little Ho Ho No?

Your poor old Dad doesn’t fall asleep through the Queen’s speech because of the seconds, thirds and fourths of Christmas lunch or because of the extra couple of mince pies he sneaked when your mum was looking.  He falls asleep so he can dream of the gifts he wishes he’d gotten.  We’re helping you keep Dad awake this Christmas with a couple of suggestions that should have him shining like the star on top of the tree.

Garmin-Asus M10 smartphone.

What do you get the man that wants everything?  You get him a device that has everything.  The Garmin-Asus M10 smartphone is the first smartphone with fully integrated navigation.  This isn’t like having a navigation programme on your mobile because the navigation is literally combined with every aspect of the phone.

For example, say you’re out on the town celebrating New Years and you need your Dad to come and get you.  Send him a text with your location and he can navigate straight to it.  No more standing in the cold while your Dad gets out the A to Z and plans a route to save you from the snow.  Perhaps your mum has dragged your Dad round the town during sales for so long that he’s forgotten where he’s parked the car.  Worry not, you will see your parents again because the M10 very cleverly remembers where you’ve parked your car and leads you straight back to it.

Slightly nefarious reasons for giving a gift?  Well yes, but while you and your mum can count on a more efficient chauffeur service, your Dad gets an amazing new toy with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location based services, a 5MP camera, award winning Garmin navigation software,  and a stunning 3.5 inch screen.  That’s going to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Sureshot 8850 Golf GPS

Want to help your Dad work off those Christmas pounds come springtime?  You won’t be too far off the mark with this nifty little golfing satnav.  Unlike regular satnavs, there are no preloaded maps on this puppy, you buy a membership card and download the maps you want from the Sureshotgps website.  The 8850 ships with a silver membership which will entitle your Dad to 3  course maps from over 14000 worldwide courses.

So how does it work?  Basically the Sureshot will detail distances from where you stand at any given time to the green or various hazards on the hole. The green screen will present the distance to the front, centre and back of the green while the hazard screen will give distances not only to the front and carry but also the fairway position to the right, left and centre.  The 8850 will also record your Dad’s score so he can analyse his game in detail and show off to you and rest of the family.  Plus, theres a whole host of accessories to go with the 8850 so that’s your Dad’s stocking taken care of it.  Brilliant.

There are sackloads more great gift ideas for your Dad this year on our main site so head over and have a browse, theres bound to be something to make your Dad smile.

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