Mum is the word this Christmas

Mum is the word this Christmas

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Bath salts and slippers and itchy knit cardies, cook books and saucepans and boxes of Smarties, hand painted sea shells turned into earrings – these are a few of my least favourite things.

Tragic but true is the fact that these are some of the delightful gifts your poor mother has received if she’s anything like mine.  Which is even sadder when you counter in just how much poor old mum does at Christmas.  Buying presents, wrapping said presents, posting letters to Santa, making nativity costumes, feeding the 5000 on Christmas day, being your guinnea pig as you test out the amazing hair straighteners, curlers or crimpers (yes crimpers – my disasterous fashioncrime Christmas 1990 is testament to that) that she stood in line for hours to purchase.  Your mum makes sure that Christmas goes without a hitch and receives a pair of reindeer pyjamas, embroidered hankies  and a Terry’s chocolate orange in return.  It’s not really fair but picking the perfect gift for your mum can be tricky.   Once you’ve exhausted the standard pyjama/perfume/porcelain figurine avenues what else remains?  Well, we’ve got a couple of ideas to help you out.

GE CREATE by Jason Wu

I remember my mum ALWAYS having a camera at Christmas.  Before you’d even wiped the sleep out of your eyes she was there with her Kodak Instamatic with it’s not so handy disposable flash or her very “trendy” Kodak 110 snapping away like a demented papparazzi.   Looking through our family album you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d only developed the top half of my head late in life and had in fact, been born with the eyes of a demon.  Thankfully, technology has moved on quite significantly and even better, it’s a lot easier to use.  The GE CREATE by Jason Wu is not only the simplest camera quite literally ever, it’s also one of the most luxurious.  It’s 12megapixels wrapped in the softest leather body with exquisite accessories designed by a man who is more famous for dressing the likes of Michelle Obama and Reece Witherspoon than digital cameras or any other consumer electronics.  Everything about the CREATE looks and feels expensive – the integrated USB plug for charging and image transfer, the co-ordinating leather wrist strap and case, the internal storage for over 1000 images.  Everything screams expensive,  everything but the price tag.  For £145.99 you can equip your mum with some camera couture and give the gift that keeps on giving – memories captured forever.  And a swanky designer label to boot.

Binatone Read Me Classic eReader

The Binatone eReader is the perfect gift for mothers of all ages.  Small and sleek, it’s a little powerhouse of a product that will see your mum through the Christmas holidays for years to come.  With enough storage for up to 1000 books, the Read Me Classic can be slipped in a handbag, a glove box, a nappy changing bag, briefcase or bedside drawer so no matter what your mum gets up to with her days she can keep a good book close at hand to escape whenever the need arises.  With integrated speakers, headset jack and MP3 player your mum can completely immerse herself in another world, listening to her favourite music whilst she reads the latest blockbuster or by letting someone look after her for a change, closing her eyes and drifting off with an audiobook.  The Read Me Classic comes with a very stylish looking leather protective case to keep the screen clean and scratch free and best of all, can be read anywhere because of the awfully snazzy e-ink screen which reflects light like real paper and gives no glare whatsoever.  You can pick up one of these little beauties for just £149.99.

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