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Flummoxed by Father’s Day?

Posted on16. Jun, 2010 by .


I am.

Every year I make a vow that I’ll get my Dad something he’ll want for Father’s Day, something he’ll actually enjoy for himself and every year he gets a different colour variation of the same old sweater/slipper combo. Poor Dad.

This year though I’ve got a bit of an impetus to buy him something that I know that he’ll use and isn’t 98% cotton. This year we have a huge array of products that’ll have your Dad grinning from ear to ear on Sunday and you might just win a little something for yourself too. Double win.

Between Friday the 11th and Friday the 18th June if you purchase any Navman manufacturer refurbished device you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw to win yourself a fantastic Acer Liquid Android smartphone.

The refurbished Navman range includes the F45, the M300, the M400, the S505 and the S555, all of which feature maps of the UK and Ireland and for this promotion only, free shipping. The five models vary in features to suit every user need and budget so whether your Dad will use his daily and needs Bluetooth hands-free calling, Lane Guidance and Economical routing or if he’s just a Sunday drive and wont need quite so many features, there’s certainly something in this range that will be the apple of your Daddy’s eye. If you’re lucky enough to win the draw you could spoil him even further with a shiny brand new phone.

Powered by Android 1.6, the Acer Liquid high definition smartphone is the world’s first smartphone to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor, so you can interact with your files, applications and media with blisteringly fast speed. Combining cutting-edge technologies, software innovation and an ultra-fluid user interface, the Acer Liquid creates an all-new mobile experience so you can take your phone further.
The ideal solution for users who demand the best from their devices, the Acer Liquid delivers outstanding multimedia, web browsing, social media integration and video streaming in a unique, modern and groundbreaking handset.

For those of you with golf mad fathers we have the ideal gift. The Sureshotgps golf navigation device makes even the most difficult of courses a delight, featuring distance markers, hazard markers and electronic scorecards for over 14000 international courses, the Sureshotgps will give your Dad the perfect excuse to get on the green.

With only a couple of shipping days left until Dad’s big day, order now to make sure you make your Dad happy this Sunday.

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The Great GPS Exodus

The Great GPS Exodus

Posted on14. May, 2010 by .


Now, we’re never ones to look a great selling gift horse in the mouth but something has happened this week which has left everyone at TotalPDA HQ a little bamboozled.

Last week we listed some manufacturer refurbished Mio Navman devices on the website and they’ve literally been flying off the shelves.  With wings and everything.   We expected these to go fast but I don’t think anyone here really anticipated the popularity of them and it made us wonder, even the really clever boffin people, what was making the Mio Navman satnavs scamper onto the delivery trucks as fast as their little legs could carry them.

We know that they’re manufacturer refurbished, I wrote a little bit about that last week so you should know how awesome that is (If you haven’t read it, shame on you, you can catch up here.) We know that starting at £49.99, the price is as attractive as *insert favourite hottie of the moment* here.  We know the functions are second to none, you’re getting some pretty advanced features like lane guidance, economic routing and hands-free calling with some of them.  We know that most of the range comes with a free protective carry case to keep your brand new toy in tip top condition. We know all of these things but we’d forgotten one tiny little thing and what was that?  That would be you.

We remembered that our customers love saving money, they love getting unbelievable quality for a very reasonable price.  They, scratch that, You love knowing that you’re getting the best deal that you can and that’s why you come back to us time and time again.  That made us feel all fuzzy inside so we decided to make the Mio Navman deal even better.

The Mio Navman S505 and the Mio Navman S555 now comes with *Big deep breath*

  • maps of UK and Ireland
  • a huge, big reduction in price
  • a free protective carry case to make it look nice and swish and keep it nice and safe
  • front running navigation features to keep you ahead of the crowds
  • AND free postage and packing to make it even easier for these little guys to get out of the warehouse.

This, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a deal and a half so make sure that you get one of these in your basket while you can and we’ll prepare ourselves for another mass GPS exodus from the warehouse.

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Me-Oh Mio Navman refurb

Me-Oh Mio Navman refurb

Posted on08. May, 2010 by .


Mio Navman satnav devices have always been excellent value for money. Whilst holding strong in the top three leading personal navigation manufacturers they have consistently delivered high end devices at the lower end of the pay scale.  Now, with a  full range of Mio Navman devices available in manufacturer refurbished condition, there has never been a better time to purchase one of these award winning wonders.

The term ‘Refurbished’ used to hold a certain stigma to it, images of poor quality devices looking like they’d been kicked around the garden by the family dog sprung to mind and quite understandably it was sometimes confused with manufacturer refurbished but the simple truth is that they couldn’t be any more different.  So what is manufacturer refurbished and what benefits will it give you?

Manfucturer refurbished devices are units that have been returned to Mio Navman for a number of reasons.  Stores returning excess stock they haven’t sold, customers returning devices that they’ve changed their minds about or devices returned with minor hardware or software faults whatever the reason for return the devices are all subjected to the same rigorous testing and reformatting as new devices.  Each Mio Navman device is lovingly restored to ‘as new’ standard and put through it’s paces before being given the seal of approval as a manufacturer refurb device.  For you, this means that you’re getting award winning Mio Navman quality for a fraction of the price.

We currently have five different manufacturer refurbished Mio Navman models for you to choose from, each coming with a full 12 month manufacturer warranty and current maps of the UK and Ireland.  Whether you’re looking for a basic device like the F45 to simply get you from A to B or whether you need something more feature packed like the S555 with hands-free calling and traffic information there is something for you.  Most of them also come with a free protective carry case to save your satnav from the inevitable bumps and scrapes, keeping it in tip top condition.

With prices as low as £39.99 why don’t you grab yourself a bargain today because these little beauties wont be around for long.

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