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i-Mate – The Ultimate Collection

Posted on14. May, 2008 by .


The ultimate i-Mate Series hosts four stylish, functional, professional and “must have” mobile devices. The devices have advantageous features uncluding tri-band UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, large memories, cameras, and video calling. The series includes the 6150, 8150, 6502 and 9502.

i-Mate Ultimate 6150 PDA Phone

This i-Mate 6150 allows you to get in touch whenever and wherever you want. Festures include:

  • Quad-band GSM/EDGE
  • Tri-band UMTS
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • 2MP camera
  • FM radio

With all these features the i-mate Ultimate 6105 provides the latest technology in one stylish device.

i-Mate Ultimate 8150

The i-mate Ultimate 8150 is a must have for mobile professionals. Features include:

  • New Intel XScale PXA 520MHz processor
  • Class 2 Stereo
  • VGA camera ideal for Video conferencing
  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • MicroSD™ card slot

The i-Mate Ultimate 8150 features all the functionality you could ever need and is neat enough to fit in your pocket.

i-Mate Ultimate 8502

With a brand new slim line design and a range of connectivity features, the i-mate Ultimate 8502 provides everything you could possibly need in a mobile device. Features include:

  • Worldwide 3.5G connectivity (supporting HSDPA and HSUPA on three bands
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support allowing you to always be connected.
  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional
  • Audio: Supports AAC, AAC+, MP3, Midi, AMR, ASF, WMA®
  • 2.0 Megapixel fixed-focus camera with LED compensation light

i-Mate Ultimate 9502

Another device perfect to be partnered with a professional. The i-Mate Ultimate 9502 comes with a variety of features including:

  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional
  • 400 MHz Qualcomm® MSM 7200™ Processor
  • Tri-band UMTS / WCDMA (2100 MHz, 1900 MHz,850 MHz)
  • One 2.5mm earphone jack with stereo sound
  • 3.0 Megapixel auto-focus camera with LED Compensation light
  • Unique sliding LCD exposes 39-key Qwerty keypad

The i-mate Ultimate 9502 is packed with functionality and is perfect for a working professional.

Click here for more information in the i-Mate Ultimiate Series and other products in the i-Mate range.

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MMS can crash your Windows mobile

Posted on02. Jan, 2007 by .


It turns out that a long MMS message can crash Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Smartphone 2003 devices (via The Register) — the iPAQ 6315 and imate PDA2k are definitely vulnerable. Theoretically, this means that a malicious MMS can infect your phone, but

… even in those devices the attacker needs to guess the correct memory slot where the MMS processing code is executing and send correctly crafted exploit code. This means that a malicious MMS message will most likely only be able to crash the device, not to to exploit it.

In short, this exploit is not a major risk to most users.

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Not-quite-ready-yet new i-mate

Posted on06. Dec, 2006 by .

i-mate JAQ4

NewsMobile, an italian mobile communications site, has found leaked details of i-mate’s 2007 product roadmap on an Arabic forum. Of particular interest is the i-mate JAQ4, a candybar-style PDA phone. Not too much detail on it yet, of course, but it will have the following functions: QWERTY keyboard, quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge, Windows Mobile 5.0, 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, MiniSD slot, Bluetooth, 2.8″ TFT 65k colour display with QVGA resolution, and integrated GPS receiver (SiRF Star III). All in a reasonable 113 x 67.3 x 19.7 mm package.

As the road to this leak has been long and filled with online translators, I’m going to reserve my opinion on this until we get news from i-mate itself.

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i-mate JAQ – ugly by design

Posted on29. Sep, 2006 by .


i-mate JAQ

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, but poor Jill has been sicky-bad – she’s back with a vengeance though, with 3 pieces of fresh, juicy gossip for your delectation. First off, a quote from i-mate CEO, Jim Morrison. Speaking at a conference in Boston, he mentioned that the JAQ was ugly “by design” following a request from customers for a high-spec mobile device that people won’t steal – hence the unpretty design.

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The mystery of the (HTC) Artemis revealed

Posted on08. Sep, 2006 by .


HTC P3300

Rumours have been circling blogs across the net for months on a PDA code-named “artemis” from HTC, and today images have been posted alongside a spec that boasts everything from FM radio to GPS navigation. The official name for the Artemis is the P3300 and it’s one of 4 PDAs launched by HTC. It features an integrated SiRFStarIII GPS receiver, and apparently comes bundled with the latest TomTom Navigator 6 software. It should also feature GPRS/GSM/EDGE (i.e. it’s a mobile phone too), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all on the base of Windows Mobile 5.0. Since all Windows‘ Pocket PCs technically come with an MP3 player (Windows Media Player) HTC have chosen to make the P3300 different by adding an FM radio according to the HTC website. Set to be HTC’s first dedicated navigation PDA, the P3300 is at least something different on a market of all too similiar PDAs.


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