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Windows Phone 7 launch partners announced.

Windows Phone 7 launch partners announced.

Posted on26. Jul, 2010 by .


Microsoft has confirmed who’ll be taking Windows Phone 7 to the Christmas party.

Speaking exclusively to Pocket-lint, senior product manager for Microsoft, Greg Sullivan confirmed that ASUS, Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung will all be releasing handsets at the Windows phone 7 launch later in the year. Unfortunately, there was no indication of a confirmed go date but vaguely stated it should be “some time round the holidays”.

The line-up of manufacturers and the launch timing slots in nicely with the rumoured HTC HD3, the LG Panther and the Dell Lightning but what delights will ASUS and Samsung have in store for the big day?


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First snaps of LG-Prada phone completely underwhelming

Posted on20. Dec, 2006 by .


The phone world was abuzzing with the news that LG is teaming up with Prada to produce (yet another) designer phone. Gadget Candy has pictures.

Frankly, I’m not impressed. A premium-priced candy bar phone in a leather case with Prada branding? I could probably get a similar case to fit any phone within the next few months (also branded Prada) from a market in China* (of course, this necessitates going to China, but bear with me here). Unless the phone comes with Miuccia’s home phone number on speed dial, I’m not inclined to get too excited about it.

* Kids, design theft is wrong. I am only trying to make a point and do not plan to bring (currently) fictional pirated goods into the UK.

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