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Amazing Features Plus Live Traffic Info from the Viamichelin X950T

Posted on23. Nov, 2007 by .



New in at TotalPDA is an absolute stonker of a deal! With an end of line clearance of the Viamichelin X-950T GPS system, you can get an absolutely feature packed unit for an unbelievably low price.

These units come the new version 6 software, full maps of Western Europe with accurate coverage of 20 cities, full 7 digit postcode search capability, preloaded speed camera locations and FREE monthly updates through the ViaMichelin website. […]

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Viamichelin releases the X-960 and X-970T all in one GPS solution

Posted on19. Jun, 2007 by .


ViamichelinViamichelin have released the new X-960 an X-970T all in one personal satellite navigation systems. With the X-960 weighing in at a mere 136g, and the X-970T at 155g, these are lightweight GPS solutions with heavyweight features. Small enough to put in a pocket or a bag, they are perfect for using in your car, on your bike, or however you choose to travel.

Equipped with the Sirf Star III GPS receiver, these units represent excellent value for money. Both models feature a speed camera locator, the prestigious Michelin Guide travel guides, and the POI packs (points of interest packs – available as a download from the Viamichelin website). For the more advanced user, the X-970T also features a bluetooth handsfree function to receive handsfree calls, and free real time traffic information with access to information on road works, accidents, weather alerts, etc.

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