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Get ready for the Christmas countdown!

Get ready for the Christmas countdown!

Posted on10. Nov, 2010 by .


Radio One are playing “Fairytale of New York”, supermarkets are taking turkey pre-orders and nativity costumes have appeared on the racks, yes folks, with only 43 sleeps till Santa the countdown to Christmas is definitely on. […]

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The next generation of file sharing with the Leyio PSD

Posted on24. Apr, 2009 by .


leyioWith a huge number of portable storage devices in the market today, technology manufacturer Leyio have unveiled a new product that will revolutionise the way we store and share our files.

The Leyio PSD (Personal Sharing Device) consists of a 16GB flash memory drive with 1.5” OLED screen, so you can manage which files you store and share without the need for an external device such as a PC or laptop. Files are stored securely via Leyio’s biometric fingerprint recognition facility, so you can ensure even sensitive information is stored securely on your device.

The device also features a removable 2GB USB shuttle which allows you to upload selected files and share with other USB compliant devices. In addition to this, the Leyio also features a USB port for use with any USB drive, as well as the ability to synchronise with a PC or laptop using the included sync cable, providing added flexibility in how you share your files.

Perhaps the niftiest feature of the Leyio is its integrated Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology, allowing the wireless transmission of files and data between two Leyio devices at transfer speeds of 10Mb/s. With a simple flicking action, the Leyio will initiate the transfer to another Leyio device, making sharing of music, video and data files quick and simple.

More info on the Leyio >>

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TomTom Navigator 6 – Compatible devices

Posted on09. Jun, 2008 by .



Straight from the mouth of TomTom themselves I have a full compatibility list of devices that will work with the TomTom Navigator 6. Not a very interesting post I know, but thought some people out there would appreciate it. They haven’t given me an answer yet on whether one license key will activate your phone and PDA, but say they will get back to me. There are some incompatibilities that I can’t explain, so if anyone knows of others to add, let me know and I’ll post them here. Anyway, here we go:

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TomTom GO 720 Nominated For The T3 Most Useful Gadget Award

Posted on21. Aug, 2007 by .


T3 Award

We’ve been raving about it for weeks now. Other websites have already showered it with praise, presenting it with top marks in their gadget reviews. The TomTom GO 720 simply has everyone in the industry foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the impact it is set to create in the GPS world.

Now, one of the UK’s leading tech news and reviews websites, has nominated the GO720 for its inaugural T3 awards 2007 under the “Most Useful Gadget” category. Up against the likes of the acclaimed Nokia N95, Sky Television’s new High Definition television service, the Blackberry, and the nifty Freeloader Solar Charger, the competition is certainly a tough one. However, given the fantastic range of features boasted by the GO 720, it is sure to fend off its competitors and prevail.

If you would like to vote for the GO 720, simply head over to and cast your vote. Better still, register your vote and you could be in with a chance of winning a free PS3 and a free PSP Slim and Lite for your efforts!

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Beware ‘evil twin’ wireless networks

Posted on26. Apr, 2007 by .


Nothing is ever good news these days!

Ars Technica warns of ‘evil twin’ attacks, where a hacker sets up an open wireless network in order to monitor the traffic and steal information. They inform us that it’s really easy to set up this sort of network, and in a modern society where free and open Wi-Fi is not a foreign concept, this could leave less-experienced users open to all sorts of attacks.

What’s the moral of the story? If you don’t use a Virtual Private Network, be very sceptical when you spot an open Wi-Fi network. My rule of thumb is if it’s open and free, don’t do anything more sensitive than read the news and your favourite websites. By no means should you ever log into anything, such as your email, or worse, your online banking service. And shopping is definitely a no-no.

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