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Windows Phone 7 launch partners announced.

Windows Phone 7 launch partners announced.

Posted on26. Jul, 2010 by .


Microsoft has confirmed who’ll be taking Windows Phone 7 to the Christmas party.

Speaking exclusively to Pocket-lint, senior product manager for Microsoft, Greg Sullivan confirmed that ASUS, Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung will all be releasing handsets at the Windows phone 7 launch later in the year. Unfortunately, there was no indication of a confirmed go date but vaguely stated it should be “some time round the holidays”.

The line-up of manufacturers and the launch timing slots in nicely with the rumoured HTC HD3, the LG Panther and the Dell Lightning but what delights will ASUS and Samsung have in store for the big day?


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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Posted on29. Mar, 2010 by .


In the summer of last year HTC unleashed the awesome might of the HD2 upon the unsuspecting UK.  With a 4.2” touchscreen it was billed as the ultimate media phone and it was.  With a better quality screen than most household TVs and its crazyfast CPU, watching movies on your phone or browsing the web was, for the first time, an enjoyable experience for the eyes.  Of course, with a screen that large to cater for, something had to give in the dimensions department.  Yes, it was still smooth, yes it was still slender, but with a height on par with a 330ml soft drink can it had a bit of heft that you somewhat reluctantly forgave.  You don’t have to forgive anymore though, for HTC have done the unimaginable and improved upon perfection.  No, really. […]

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Palm Treo Pro Smartphone – the perfect choice for both business and personal communication

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palm-treo-proThe best-selling Palm Treo Pro smartphone is a perfectly balanced Windows Mobile device featuring ergonomic curves and a slick piano black finish.

Its colour touchscreen and QWERTY keypad allows you to download, view and edit Word and Excel-compatible files with ease…or if you still have too much free time on your hands, you can rehearse PowerPoint presentations, review PDFs, unzip files and schedule meetings.

Microsoft Direct Push technology ensures you receive your emails when you should, or if you want to cast work to the side for a while, the Palm Treo Pro lets you search the web and check your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account instantly. This versatile piece of kit also works as a high-speed modem for your laptop – letting you multi-task at the speed of 3G mobile wireless broadband.

The Palm Treo Pro also includes a built-in GPS receiver, helping you reach your destination as quickly and simply as possible.

In the dimensions department the Treo Pro sizes up at 114 x 60 x 13.5mm, and weighs in at 133g. When compared against other smartphones on the market, the Treo Pro comes in at about the same size as the iPhone and a little smaller than the BlackBerry Bold.

The Palm Treo Pro is without question a feature-packed device which is friendly both on the eye and your back pocket. Highly recommended for both business and personal use, the Palm Treo Pro is now available unlocked and sim-free from TotalPDA for only £169.99 £149.99.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 – the next generation mobile operating system

Posted on07. Sep, 2009 by .


windows-mobile-logoWith the next generation of smartphones comes the next generation of Windows Mobile operating system. Windows Mobile 6.5 features a new user interface and browsing experience, as well as two new services: My Phone, to sync text messages, photos, video, contacts and more to the Web; and Windows® Marketplace for Mobile, a new marketplace that will provide direct-to-phone mobile applications and can be accessed from both the phone and the Web.

The free My Phone service will enable people to access, manage and back up their personal information on their device to a password-protected web-based service, making it easier to upgrade phones without the worry of losing important information. With automatic syncing and backup, users can back up and easily restore their contacts, appointments, text messages and other information from the Web interface. Users can also automatically upload photos and video from their Windows® phone directly to the My Phone service, making it simple to preserve content that, in the past, would have been restricted to the phone.

The Windows® Marketplace for Mobile service is an integrated marketplace for searching, browsing and purchasing mobile applications from Windows phones or from a PC by simply using a Windows Live ID. The new marketplace will be included with all Windows phones based on Windows Mobile 6.5, which will help consumers to easily find, install and experience those applications that fit their needs and make the phone truly personal. Developers, who have already built over 20,000 applications for Windows® phones, will be able to offer applications to customers through the marketplace via a simple security and compatibility check from Microsoft.

Windows Mobile 6.5 also features a new home screen which helps to keep users up-to-date on important information by providing a dashboard-like experience to items such as new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. It also includes an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger, and an updated version of the latest Internet Explorer Mobile browser, which is quicker and easier to use, making Web browsing as simple as a tap of the screen.

The new operating system is available as an upgrade for devices such as the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch Pro 2 and is available pre-installed on the latest HTC Touch 2.

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Windows Mobile devices drive growth in PDA sales

Posted on23. May, 2007 by .

Windows Mobile logo

Shipments of Windows Mobile PDAs grew 64 percent in the first quarter of 2007, and this strong growth helped propel worldwide PDA shipments to 5.1 million units, a 39.7 percent increase from the first quarter of 2006, according to recently released report by Gartner, Inc.

It seems as though Microsoft is really doing well in the PDA / smartphone industry, and it’s definitely helped by the support of manufacturers like HTC, although it looks as though things may change.

Windows Mobile will certainly be an important part of the mobile computing landscape, but at the moment it appears it may not be as dominant as Microsoft wants it to be.

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