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Protect Your Device with an Otterbox Defender Case

Posted on27. Mar, 2009 by .


There’s nothing more annoying than shelling out for an expensive gadget, only to drop it a couple of days later, causing unsightly marks, or worse, damaging the device itself. When purchasing your device therefore, it makes sense to take a look at investing in a protective case to prevent any unwanted mishaps from spoiling all of your fun.

Most portable devices come packaged with some form of case as standard, however you may wish to look at something a little sturdier if you are a heavy user of your device, if you are constantly out and about, or if your job takes you to more demanding environments such as building sites or warehouses.

Designed to provide tough protection against drops, bumps, scratches, dust and shocks, Otterbox offers a series of protective cases, which combine rugged protection with stylish looks. By incorporating an innovative three layer design, Otterbox cases protect your device in three separate ways:


Layer One
The first layer consists of a thermal formed sheet which covers your touchscreen and protects it from dust, knocks and scratches, whilst maintaining the full functionality of your touchscreen.

Layer Two
The second layer consists of a strong, polycarbonate shell designed to protect against impact shocks such as hard bumps and drops. This layer follows the contours of your device, giving tough protection against even the roughest of treatment.

Layer Three
The final layer is a high quality silicon skin, which wraps around your device and holds its shape over time. The skin acts as a cushion, helping to absorb the impact of drops whilst allowing access to all the ports and functions of your device.

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Dog Attacks iPhone: Otterbox Survival Basics

Posted on12. Feb, 2009 by .


We all love the new iPhone, but it seems some are more drawn to it than others. It was just an ordinary day for Rick Wismer and, having misplaced his iPhone earlier, he assumed he would find it later after a search in the usual places. However, little was he to know that Amber the labradoodle puppy had taken a shine to Rick’s to precious iPhone …

Luckily Rick had opted to protect his precious device with a sturdy Otterbox case. With three layers of protection, the Otterbox case resists even the roughest of treatment. […]

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