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Palm Pre set to take on iPhone this July

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palm-prePalm are set to take on the iPhone with the imminent release of the Palm Pre smartphone. Once giants in the smartphone arena, Palm’s popularity has recently waned as more and more high-powered devices enter the market. The Palm Pre may be just the device to give Palm a fighting chance against its rivals.

The Palm Pre is Palm’s latest attempt to reinstate their status as a leading smartphone manufacturer. Featuring sleek black lines alongside a clean interface, touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard inputs, Palm’s latest offering weighs in at only 4.8 ounces, making it a real contender in the consumer market.

The Palm Pre promises enhanced useability and features a new user interface, which integrates a touchscreen on the main display area and a new touch-sensitive ‘gesture zone’ at the bottom of the phone for enhanced interaction with the device.

Palm have also developed the new Palm Web OS platform for the Palm Pre, which is built on industry standard web tools such as HTML, CSS and Javascript and should open the floodgates for mobile developers to release applications for the device. Just as the iPhone has enjoyed huge success with its ‘Apps’ store, the Palm Pre shows similar potential.

Due for launch this July, the Palm Pre will be available on the O2 network. Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.

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Palm Debuts New Palm Pre Handset

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palm-preThe long awaited Palm Pre handset was unveiled at this year’s annual CES 2009. Sporting a brand new, modern form factor and Palm’s all new webOS platform, the Palm Pre – already being touted as an ‘iPhone killer’ – promises to be a serious contender in the Smartphone sector.

One of the highlights of the new device is the new user interface and OS. Featuring a gesture driven touchscreen along the same lines of HTC’s TouchFlo and the iPhone interface, the Palm Pre is controlled via various swiping motions allowing seamless control of applications and documents via simple finger movements.

Designed with multitasking in mind, the Palm Pre includes the new ‘Deck of Cards’ feature for scrolling and toggling between various running applications without the need to open and close windows. Positive early reports of this gesture driven functionality indicate that Palm’s fresh approach to touchscreen interactivity is simple, synergistic, and above all, easy to use. […]

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