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Take a drive on the darkside

Take a drive on the darkside

Posted on30. Sep, 2010 by .


Over the summer TomTom kept us all entertained with the release of the Star Wars voices for their satnav devices.  We all enjoyed the videos of Darth and Yoda in the recording studio with the long-suffering sound engineer.  I actually still get the giggles at the word “Roundabound”.  Little did I realise that all the japery was a big, fat hint towards their impending move to The Darkside. […]

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Drive your way to savings with TomTom

Drive your way to savings with TomTom

Posted on15. Jul, 2010 by .


The commute to and from work is something that I used to enjoy.  For me, that time was the quality time I spent with myself (tragic I know), gearing myself up for the day to come, or winding down after the day so that I didn’t confront my loved ones as a heinous harpy. Sadly, with more and more people on the road each day though, my car ceased being my haven and became my little stress box.  Road works, traffic jams, accidents – the list of incidents is infinite – the result of each one, the same.  Stressful, time consuming, fuel guzzling delays which leave you frazzled, out of pocket and more often than not, late.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could wish away the delays?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could teleport from the A-road armageddon straight to your destination?  Wouldn’t it be handy if you could pack a crystal ball that let you know what delights your journey had in store for you?  Wouldn’t it be brilliant if someone could do something about it? […]

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TomTom LIVE services available in Belgium and Portugal this autumn

Posted on14. Sep, 2009 by .


tomtom-liveTomTom recently announced that it will be making its unique LIVE Services available in Belgium and Portugal this autumn.

In addition to real-time traffic updates in seven European countries, drivers will receive timely safety camera alerts to enhance road safety and avoid fines. Furthermore they will be able to navigate to millions of locations through Local Search with Google and receive up-to-date weather reports. Guidance on the cheapest fuel price en route or in the area will also become available to Belgian customers. LIVE Services are constantly updated and work seamlessly across borders to ensure drivers always find the best route available.

“LIVE Services are critical to improve people’s daily drives. Real-time routing information ensures drivers know what’s ahead, allowing them to make the right decisions accordingly throughout their journey,” says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom. “With the introduction of LIVE Services in Belgium and Portugal, over 65% of our customer base can now get access to our detailed HD Traffic service.”

The additional Belgium and Portuguese LIVE Services content can also be used, at no additional cost, by all current TomTom users that have a connected device with LIVE subscription. This means drivers always get the fastest and most realistic route, including the latest traffic delays via HD Traffic, when travelling abroad and when driving in, or through, multiple countries in Europe.

Availability & pricing
LIVE Services content will become available in Belgium and Portugal this autumn. A monthly, flat-fee LIVE Services subscription is available for 9.95 Euro.

For more information on TomTom LIVE services, please visit: www.tomtom.com/LIVE

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TomTom wins Auto Express Product of the Year 2009

Posted on08. Jun, 2009 by .


auto-express-awardTomTom has received the Auto Express Product of the Year 2009 Award for its GO x40 LIVE series of connected sat nav devices. Having previously scooped the Auto Express Best Buy 2009 award this February for the GO 740 LIVE, it seems TomTom continue to impress with the GO x40 LIVE series.

The TomTom GO x40 range includes a variety of innovative features, such as IQ Routes, which calculates routes based on real average speeds and Advanced Lane Guidance, which gives a more realistic view and enhanced visual instructions of the driver’s surroundings.

The key to the range however, is the new LIVE Services functionality, which provides a live connection to the most up-to-date real-time route information and provides premium services such as High Definition Traffic, up-to-date mobile safety camera locations, Google search and Live fuel prices.

Kim Adams of Auto Express commented, “This set-up is uncannily accurate, and works in tandem with the brand’s IQ routes system – which uses historical data to select the best route for when you are travelling – to keep journey times to a minimum. It is the missing link for portable sat-navs, and just has to be our Product of the Year.”

Click here for more info on the GO x40 range >>

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TomTom announce the release of the TomTom XL LIVE

Posted on20. May, 2009 by .


TomTom have announced that the TomTom XL IQ Routes will be the next range in their product lineup to feature the acclaimed LIVE Services. Previously only available on the premium TomTom GO x40 range, LIVE services provide real time premium services such as High Definition Traffic, up-to-date mobile safety camera locations, local search with Google and Live fuel prices.

Overview of TomTom Live Services:

TomTom HD Traffic TomTom HD Traffic

Unique to TomTom, HD traffic provides the most up-to-date, real-time traffic information live on your TomTom. With 95% coverage of Motorways and A-roads in the UK, TomTom HD traffic includes detailed incident reports, estimated delay times and alternative route proposals updated every 3 minutes to your TomTom LIVE GPS.

TomTom Safety Alerts TomTom Safety Alerts

The TomTom LIVE receives advanced warnings from Road Angel, including fixed safety cameras, mobile safety cameras, black spots and more, to ensure you never get caught short on your travels.

TomTom Fuel Prices TomTom Fuel Prices

With TomTom Fuel prices, you can now access the latest fuel prices from 12,000 petrol stations across the UK. Your TomTom will guide you to the cheapest petrol station on route and save money on your fuel bill.

TomTom Local Search with Google TomTom Local Search with Google

Find the latest local Google listings using your TomTom LIVE to locate any of the 11 million business address, wherever you are. Simply type in any search word, find matching locations, and your TomTom will guide you there.

The TomTom XL includes a free three month trial of LIVE Services, after which users can register for a monthly, flat fee subscription of £7.99. Alternatively, users can select a pre-paid subscription for six months (£47.99) or 12 months (£79.99) available via www.tomtom.com, TomTom HOME or in selected stores.

With TomTom LIVE services, drivers can expect to save up to £198 in annual fuel bills, reduce mileage by 16%, and avoid speeding fines to the tune of £60 per year, making the TomTom XL LIVE a worthwhile investment.

In addition to TomTom LIVE Services, the TomTom XL LIVE also features IQ Routes, which calculates the most efficient route based on the actual speeds measured on roads (rather than maximum speed limits) and Advanced Lane Guidance, which gives a more realistic view and enhanced visual instructions of the driver’s surroundings for those tricky junctions and lane changes.

Expected to go on sale in June 2009, the TomTom XL will retail at £249.99

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