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Take a drive on the darkside

Take a drive on the darkside

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Over the summer TomTom kept us all entertained with the release of the Star Wars voices for their satnav devices.  We all enjoyed the videos of Darth and Yoda in the recording studio with the long-suffering sound engineer.  I actually still get the giggles at the word “Roundabound”.  Little did I realise that all the japery was a big, fat hint towards their impending move to The Darkside. […]

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TomTom summer sale – up to 25% off the latest maps

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With more people taking holidays at home this summer, updating the maps on your TomTom might be a wise move and could help to reduce the stress of your trip. The national road infrastructure can change by up to 15% over the course of the year, which means you could be taking quite a few wrong turns with an out-of-date device.

To celebrate the start of the summer, TomTom have announced their summer sale and are offering up to 25% off the latest maps for selected TomTom models. Based on Teleatlas 2009.1 maps, the discount applies to the GO, ONE and RIDER ranges and carries map version number 8.30.

Available for download via the TomTom MapShop or TomTom HOME software, upgrading your maps is quick and easy, and could help to make your journey just that little bit easier.

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Brand new TomTom maps now available

Posted on18. May, 2009 by .


tomtom-map-updateTomTom have just released the latest map updates, version 8.30, for their full range of sat nav products.

Based on the January Tele Atlas release, the new maps reflect numerous updates in the road network, including thousands of kilometers of new roads, cross roads and Points of Interest across Europe and North America.

Given that that an average of 15% of the road network and 20% of the Points of Interest change every year, using the most up to date maps guarantees users an accurate, simple, safe and stress-free navigation experience.

The updated maps can be purchased as a download via TomTom HOME – TomTom’s free software application that enables users to manage, download, store and transfer content from their computer onto their TomTom device – or from the TomTom website via www.tomtom.com.

For users who have recently purchased a new TomTom device, it is also worth checking whether your device is eligible for TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee by connecting to TomTom HOME. The Latest Map Guarantee entitles you to one free map download via TomTom Home if a newer map becomes available during the first 30 days from when you first start using your device. Simply follow these instructions to check whether your device qualifies for a free map update.

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Latest Maps Now Available at TomTom

Posted on11. Mar, 2009 by .


The global road infrastructure can change by up to 15%  over the course of a year, which makes regular updates of your maps a necessity if you rely on your device to get you from A to B.  TomTom’s  latest map version, v8.25, is now available for download via TomTom, and can be installed quickly and easily using TomTom HOME software.

Interestingly, v8.25 is the first software version to incorporate end-user feedback via TomTom Mapshare to determine changes in the mapping data. Tele Atlas incorporated user feedback in validating more than 50,000 changes to street names and routing – approximately the same number of changes based on all non-feedback based validation sources combined!

It’s also worth noting that TomTom users who purchase their devices within 30 days of this new map update release are also eligible for TomTom’s latest map guarantee, which entitles users to one free map download within 30 days of the first use of the device. Simply connect via TomTom HOME to find out if your recent purchase qualifies!

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TomTom Reveal New Map Update Service

Posted on07. Oct, 2008 by .


Given that the world’s road infrastructure can change up to 15% each year, ensuring that your sat nav is up to date can be an ongoing issue. Tele Atlas, TomTom’s mapping data provider, continually map changes to the road network, releasing new map updates every quarter. TomTom have now revealed another measure to combat the issue of outdated maps in the form of their new Map Update Service™, designed to complement this process and ensure users have easy and affordable access to the latest maps all year round.

Available to all TomTom customers, the Map Update Service is a subscription service starting at £7.95 per quarter (depending on your device) and allows users to update to the latest Tele Atlas validated quarterly map releases via TomTom HOME.

The release of this new service ensures that Tomtom users now have a comprehensive means to keep their maps up to date. Combined with the innovative Map Share, which allows TomTom users to instantly share map updates online, and TomTom’s latest map guarantee, which entitles users to one free map download within 30 days of the first use of the device, the addition of the new Map Update Service means drivers can be confident they always have the latest and most complete maps.

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